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Other Services

Let BigFish be your one-stop for professional services. We’re here to meet your needs; these are just some of the services we offer.
Live Scan / Fingerprinting

Our agency is a duly authorized Department of Justice and FBI certified fingerprinting service provider to electronically capture and submit fingerprints for licensure, certification, volunteer, job, business permit, record review, immigration clearance or licenses and /or employment purposes. FD258 Ink Card Fingerprinting also available.

You need to bring completed Live Scan Fingerprint request form, valid ID such as driver's license or passport.


Live Scan Services

Days and Hours for Service:

Monday - Saturday

10 am - 6 pm

(Mobile Services Available)

Child ID

The FBI receives over 2000 missing children reports every day. A child in the United States becomes missing every 40 seconds. Statistics from the US justice department and the world Almanac puts the chance of any child becoming missing at 1 in 42.

Having your child’s information with you at all times provides you with peace of mind. In the unfortunate event of a missing child, the first hour is the most critical hour and due to panic and distress, parents are unable to provide an accurate description of their child.

Law enforcement recommends that parents keep an up-to-date printed and electronic child identification (child I.D.) for all of their children handy, in case of an emergency.

Notary Public

When you need a notary public, you want someone experienced, careful, and friendly - someone who puts you as their top priority, and who smoothly and expeditiously notarizes your important documents. The process of notarizing a document is relatively straightforward, however if improperly done, can set you back in both time and money. Our one and only goal is to provide you with the friendliest, most competent and professional notary service possible. For your added convenience, we are happy to travel to you for a nominal travel fee.

          Notary Services

Appointment Only

Monday - Friday

On Call:

Saturday, Sunday & Holidays

Mobile Service Available


California Law allows you to clear your criminal conviction by withdrawing your plea and having the case dismissed, in most circumstances. Both Misdemeanor and Felony convictions can be expunged.


The law, Penal Code § 1203.4, is somewhat complex in certain areas, but expungement of a record is something that should be done by anyone with even a minor criminal history. Contrary to popular belief, records are not sealed automatically with the passage of time.

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